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ySimon Hendel n

Doctor + Journalist + Actor

Simon is an anaesthetist, aeromedical retrieval specialist and a passionate health communicator. He’s always looking for ways of encouraging people to learn more about their health and telling the true stories of science and medicine in an entertaining way.

Simon studied Medicine at Monash University and Journalism at RMIT. He writes regularly about all-things-medical for MJA InSight (online Medical Journal of Australia) in addition to publishing extensively in peer reviewed medical journals. His articles have also featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Conversation, Executive Style and ABC News Online.

Simon has previously served as a doctor in the Australian Army in Afghanistan and Iraq and he’s worked on rescue helicopters in Far North Queensland. He’s also lectured and practiced anaesthesia in Fiji, conducted epidemiological research in Laos, taught emergency care in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Mongolia.

Simon is also co-medical advisor and fact checker for the ABC documentary series, Ask The Doctor.

Contact: simonhendel@gmail.com